VL Sounds is a music production company.

We produce music for artists who need help with their original music, and/or need a fresh perspective covering well known songs.

We also provide mixing and mastering services for those who have finished the recording part of their project.

We have produced a number of full length albums, and currently producing singles and full length albums for various artists. We focus mainly in Afro-Cuban, Latin, Latin Pop, and Latin Jazz styles.


Upcoming events

Previous events


VL Trio (Vission Latina Trio) at the Paragon!

Paragon Restaurant at the Claremont, 41 TUNNEL ROAD, BERKELEY, CA


VL Trio At Sam's Chowder House( outside )

Sam's Chowder House, 4210 Cabrillo Hwy N, Half Moon Bay, CA


VL Trio At the CheeseBoard

cheese board collective, 1504 SHATTUCK AT VINE STREET, BERKELEY, CA